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The civil unrest in Egypt is a complicated matter � and it looks like it�s not going to get easier to understand any time soon.

We have collated some of the best sources of news, social media and video around and put it into a simple list - hopefully it makes it easier for you to get your head around the chaos!

Main coverage

First, we will start with the big guns with up to the minute coverage:

BBC�s live coverage of the protests

Reuters: Unrest In Egypt�

Al Jazeera � Live Stream: (Get it while you still can!)�

CNN�s live blog�

Huffington Post: A complete guide to the 2011 revolution

The Whats And The Whys

Next, some explanations as to why the protests began, what they are about, and how they will end.

Here is World Nomad�s breakdown of the situation

Time Magazine correspondent Abigail Hauslohner�s video piece explaining how the protests evolved out of the computer and onto the streets.

BBC�s analysis

Guardian Q&A: What the Egyptian unrest means for the Middle East and the world

Messages and images from the Egyptian people on the front line

NPR: A Primer On Following Egyptian Protests On Twitter�

Activist Amr Shalakany writes from Tahrir Square, Cairo, about what the protests mean for the Egyptian people, and why it is not about the Muslim Brotherhood�

Flickr photoset from Issandr El Amrani, who amazingly was able to upload and distribute material to the online photography service.�

And finally, the last word comes from 8-year old Saudi girl Juju, who has a message for President Mubarak � and sums it up in just 51 seconds.

Social Media to Follow

With thanks to Andy Carvin at for the list.

@monaeltahawy: Egyptian-born columnist and commentator.�

@dima_khatib: Al Jazeera's Latin America correspondent.�

@abuaardvark: Mark Lynch, who runs�Foreign Policy's�mideast blog.

@SultanAlQassemi: Columnist for the UAE-based newspaper,The National.

@lisang: Lisa Goldman, an Israeli-Canadian journalist based in Tel Aviv.

@bencnn: Ben Wedeman, CNN's veteran Middle East correspondent.

@ajelive�and @ajenglish: Tweets from Al Jazeera English.

@alaa: Alaa Abd El Fattah, an Egyptian blogger now based in South Africa who had previously spent time in Egyptian jails due to his involvement in protests against the government.

@weddady: Nasser Weddady, a Mauritanian activist based in Boston.�

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