Travel Insurance & resuming your trip

World Nomads travel insurance lets you resume your trip if its unexpectedly interrupted.

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When the unexpected happens

Travel affords us the opportunity to experience everything amazing the world has to offer. But there are things that can happen when we're on our adventure, entirely out of our control.

We have seen every type of accident you can imagine, we've had to repatriate our World Nomads from every corner of the globe and this is an incredibly stressful situation, not just for our travellers, but also for their families as well.

We also know that things can happen to your family when you're on the road. The sudden passing of a family member is both deeply upsetting and will place your travel plans into total disarray. We can not only help you return to loved ones as soon as possible, but depending on your policy, we can also help you get back on the road.

Travel Insurance & resuming your trip

We understand these situations as well as anyone so our travel insurance can get you home and then it may allow you to resume your trip.

Some World Nomads policies (not all do, so do read your policy carefully) will pay for reasonable additional transport and accommodation expenses for you to resume your trip when approved by our emergency assistance team.

What circumstance allows me to come home?

  • If your close relative is unexpectedly hospitalised or dies as a result of a sudden illness or serious injury; or
  • If your home is severely damaged by a natural disaster or fire.

What else affects cover for Resumption of Trip?

We know that every situation can be different and in some cases you will travel overseas knowing that a relative might have a life threatening pre-existing condition.

For claims where the resumption of trip is a result of your close relative's pre-existing medical condition which caused their unexpected death, sudden illness or serious injury.

If you choose to end your trip after a compassionate emergency visit, your cover ceases and we won't be able to reimburse any premium for any unused portion of your policy.

How to get help.

No matter what you face on the road, our emergency assistance team is here 24/7 to support you.