What to do if your luggage is delayed.

  1. 1. Report it to your carrier straight away

    Once you realise your luggage is delayed, report it to the carrier (e.g. airline, tour operator) straight away. For lengthy delays, you should ask them to compensate you to replace essential items you may need while you wait for your bags to be returned.

  2. 2. Get a written report

    Get a written Property Irregularity Report (‘PIR’) from the carrier confirming the delay and any compensation they offer to you.

  3. 3. Keep your receipts

    Keep the receipts for any essential items you buy like toothbrushes, prescription medication or a change of clothes.

    Before you go shopping for an entire new wardrobe to replace your designer jeans or a new ballgown for that special event, because you believe everything you own is "essential", there will be limits on what your policy can and can not cover, so check your policy carefully or contact us (Yes, we've seen claims like this!)

    Original receipts may be necessary if you intend to make a claim and your policy covers these expenses.

  4. 4. Get another report confirming the length of the delay

    Once you get your luggage, get written confirmation from the carrier confirming how long it was delayed. If baggage delay is covered under your policy, there may be specific time periods that your bags are delayed before the policy can help reimburse you for extra expenses, so it’s important we know how long you were inconvenienced. For example: cover may vary if your bags were delayed for a few hours compared to a few days.

  5. 5. Need to know more?

    Our suggestions should help you when things go wrong and you want to make a claim. All travel insurance plans are different and cover will vary, depending what's happened, your country of residence, the plan you choose and any options or upgrades you buy. Your policy will always have the full details.

    If you have questions about what's covered and not covered, just ask us.