Travel Insurance Designed by Travellers

We are World Nomads too. That's what makes us different.

When we founded World Nomads over 10 years ago we created a service that would suit a World Nomad, one that covers the way we loved to travel.

  • ✓ Flexible, allowing you to extend should you want to travel longer.
  • ✓ Allows you to purchase even after you’d already left home
  • ✓ Covers your gear, from iPads to laptops to digital cameras
  • ✓ Allows you to claim online while you were still travelling.
  • ✓ Available to most people from most countries.
  • ✓ Covers medical and evacuation cover should you get into trouble on the road.
  • ✓ Covers cancellation should something unexpected happen before you left.
  • ✓ Designed for people who travel off the beaten path, with cover for a wide range of activities.
  • ✓ Has exceptional worldwide service and assistance should something go wrong.

We’re dedicated to providing exceptional levels of customer service, emergency assistance and claims handling to ensure that even if something goes wrong, that we’'re there, every step of the way.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What's Covered

We understand that accidents happen and things are often out of your control, but there are ways to avoid being caught short, so here are some general rules to help:

Read the policy wording!

Travel insurance is not a catch all for every circumstance. Its there to protect you but the onus is still on you to know what you’re covered for. With every insurer there are restrictions and also what are know commonly known as general exclusions. These can vary from ignoring safety warnings, to being under the influence of alcohol and drugs, to actively and unnecessarily putting yourself in harm’s way.

We often spend months planning a trip, so its worth taking a small amount of time to read the policy wording and being clear on what you’re covered for and what you're not. After you buy your policy you have a cooling off period, so use this to understand your policy and find out about where you're going.

Pretend for a moment that you don't have any travel insurance.

If you were uninsured, How would you behave? Keep your belongings safe, and if they really mean a lot to you, don't ever let them get out of reach.

Hopefully this way you'll never need us, but in case you do, a good habit is to photograph the gear you are taking with you, particularly any high value items, so should anything be stolen or damaged, making a claim is easier.

Accidents happen. Stupidity doesn't.

Everyone wants to have fun when they're away, but think about how to avoid un-necessary risks. When you are in an unfamiliar environment, you're potentially vulnerable so be more cautious than you would when you’re at home.

  • If a deal sounds to good to be true, if an invitation to a card game seems a little dodgy, if that alcohol with the petrified lizard in it looks a little wrong ... it probably is. That there are plenty of scams out there to fleece you of your hard earned travel dollars.
  • If you get into trouble due to excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs or do both whilst deciding to heli-ski, don’t expect to be covered.
  • Please be aware that drink spiking isn't uncommon

Is it safe to go there?

Thinking Somalia or Afghanistan looks right for some adventure? Probably not a great idea. While we cover travel for most countries of the world, travel insurance inevitably contains exclusions, one of which relates to where you can go. If you go somewhere and you know it's not safe or your government's travel advisory advises you not to go there, then you are unlikely to be covered.

We try to help guide you find the safer path, but check your government travel advisory before heading to somewhere known to be a war zone or be experiencing civil unrest. Or if in doubt, contact us.

Being adventurous or being stupid?

The adventure sports and activities we cover depend on your country of permanent residence, your particular level of insanity (or skill), and how you behave. For example:

  • If you are wildlife-watching in the extremes of Alaska and are attacked by a polar bear, are you covered? Well, it depends. You see, if the bear attacks you while you were watching them as a part of a wildlife safari or trekking, then YES we would cover you, but if you were chasing the bear having had a beer too many the night before and you thought it would be a laugh... then, err... then no, you're not.
  • If you are skiing and you're caught in an avalanche, are you covered? Well, it depends. You see, even if you have the right level of skiing cover, if you leap out of a hovering helicopter while trying to pretend that you're in a Hollywood action movie, then no, you're not covered.

Got the idea? Don't be stupid. If you are unsure, then ask us because we'd prefer you to know before you need us.

What's not covered

A good rule of thumb is to remember that insurance is there for things that might go wrong and will not generally cover things you already know about or extreme risks such as:

  • Medical conditions that exist before you travel

    You can still take out the insurance for other benefits, but you should be aware that costs of treatments that you knew were likely or possible before you travel won't be covered, unless specifically part of the terms and conditions of the plan you buy.

  • Deliberately putting your life in danger

    Trekking across the arctic in a t-shirt is not conducive to picking up your pension, nor is not having the right level of cover for skiing going to prevent a whopping bill should you take out a tree and break your leg.

  • Not choosing the right level of cover

    Not having the right level of cover for skiing isn't going to prevent a whopping bill should you take out a tree and break your leg.

  • Situations involving alcohol or drugs

    Apart from the risks that you take while off your face in a place that you aren't familiar with, you won't get your claim paid.

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    If you contract STD's or HIV while you are away, these usually aren't covered.

  • Specific exclusions

    All travel insurance policies have specific exclusions (and we can't highlight this enough!) so it's common-sense, imperative, absolutely necessary to take the time to read the policy wording carefully. Policy wordings vary depending on which country you are from, so please take the time and always feel free to contact us if you have any questions.