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Burning ropes of death! Huge buckets of booze! So much fluro it burns the retinas!

Ever been to the notorious Full Moon Party in Thailand? It's been getting a bit of bad press lately, so we decided to send our Travel Safety reporter Jesse Perez to Koh Phangan to see if it was as dangerous as the mainstream media made it out to be.

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What’s a Full Moon Party? A few young travellers (usually more than 20,000) will gather on a beach under a full moon and in front of a strip of bars pumping out dance music. Almost everyone gets wasted on weed, Ya Ba, mushrooms, XTC, or bucket drinks and dances till the sun comes up.

What could possibly go wrong?

Most people walk away from the FMP having had a thoroughly good time, but bad stuff happens - quite often.

Be one of the smart ones who's armed with the knowledge needed to stay safe with this "best full moon party review - ever!"

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Thailand is a pretty safe place - if you're sensible about it - but the thing that's most likely to get you in trouble is a rented motorbike. People keep falling off them!

They're also the source of the number one myth about Thailand: You don't need a license to ride a motorbike. You do.
Yeah, we know the guy at the rental shop said you don't, but honestly, you do.

But what about bikes under 50cc, and are you covered if you are injured?

All your 'scooters in Thailand' questions are answered here.

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