Essential insights about travel-safety

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Nepal Annapurna blizzard travel alert

Information for families seeking information about trekkers caught in the Nepal blizzard and avalanche tragedy.

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Super typhoon to hit Japan

Japan is about to be hit by the largest typhoon of the year, a super typhoon with wind strengths over 250 km/h. Travellers in or going to Japan over the weekend should be aware that transport services may be halted, and thy should take care to secure their own safety.

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Embassy help for travellers is limited

Will my government help me if I'm in trouble overseas? Yes, but there's a limit as the head of Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs has said.
His stern warning to travellers - echoed by governments around the world - is that embassy officials have a responsibility to help individuals where they are caught up in circumstances beyond their control, but this responsibility has limits.

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