Brazil travel guide

Tips, advice, warnings and alerts to make the most of your Brazil holiday.

Brazil is a steamy, sensual, vibrant, raucous melting pot of sights, sounds and experiences. Whether you choose to explore the Amazon or the beaches of Rio, you're going to have an awesome time. There's so much to see and do here.

But it's not without its challenges. Mother nature can wreak havoc, and in the cities poverty, sadly, breeds crime. It can be a dangerous place if you don't know what you're doing.

So read on, these tips, hints, advice and guides will make sure you DO know what you're doing.... and make the most of your time in this wonderful country.

Safety on Rio's Beaches

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Rio's beautiful beaches are a haven for petty thieves. Sneak thieves and bag-snatchers routinely operate on the beaches, but lately a more frightening type of crime has emerged. Find out about it here, and follow these tips for staying safe in the sun.

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Heading to the USA? No charge? - No fly!

What new security rules mean for your devices & how to keep them charged.

Local travel tips for The Philippines

Ferry, jeepney - why it's not always best to travel like a local in The Philippines.

Angkor Wat the easy way

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A Guide to Rio's Favelas

Rather than a place to avoid, the favelas are some of the most vibrant parts of Rio de Janeiro, both in colour and culture. They are the flipside of the city’s strange dichotomy. Exploring these communities is a great way to dive beneath the flashy veneer of Ipanema Beach and appreciate the depth of Rio’s charm.

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Navigating the Amazon in Brazil

Brilliant swathes of rainforest, strange topography and vibrantly coloured wildlife mean Brazil is the perfect place to get back to nature. The continuous stretches of sparkling beaches may tempt you to simply stay close to the coast, but to see Brazil's showiest natural spectacles you'll have to head inland.

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