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Japan's electric toilets and killer fish

By , Travel Insights Editor Japan travel-safety, main-featured

For the most part, Japan is a very clean, very safe country. But that doesn't mean it's not a little bit weird. What do we mean? How about food to die for - literally, or a toilet that gives your tush a spritz? Read on for some smart advice about travelling in Japan. Plus we'll reveal the thing that the Japanese consider the most disgusting and filthy object in the universe - and why they adorn it with kittens and flowers.

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How to get around Vietnam

By , Travel Insights Editor Vietnam travel-transport, main-featured

Getting around Vietnam is an art form. Taxis, overnight trains and buses, the back of a local’s motorbike - whichever mode of transport you choose the chances are you’ll come out of Vietnam with a story to tell about it!
But you'll travel smarter if you know the ins-and-outs of transport before you go.
Check out these tips for making your journey as smooth as possible (potholes not withstanding) whichever way you choose to travel.

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