Travel Alert: Gunmen attack luxury hotels in Mumbai terror attack

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This is a very brief overview of the developing situation in Mumbai, India.  We are keeping an eye on the situation, so come back for regular updates

What's happening in Mumbai:

On 26 and 27 November 2008, attacks were launched in Mumbai targeting a number of locations, including major hotels, restaurants, the railway station and near the domestic airport terminal. Reports indicate both gunfire and explosions were involved. The attacks have resulted in many people being killed and injured. Mumbai police have stated that the attacks are terror related.

How does this affect travellers?

" .... Coordinated terror attacks struck the heart of Mumbai, India’s commercial capital, Wednesday night, killing dozens in machine-gun and grenade assaults on at least two five-star hotels, the city's largest train station, a movie theater and a hospital.

...Rarely for India, the attackers specifically targeted sites popular with tourists....

...Guests who had escaped the hotels told television stations that the attackers were taking hostages, singling out Americans and Britons..."

From The NY Times (27 Nov 2008)

What is the official Govt Travel Advice?

The Australian Govt currently states:

  • We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in India because of the high risk of terrorist activity by militant groups.
  • Australians should avoid travel to Mumbai at this time.
  • Australians in Mumbai should remain in a safe location and follow the advice of local authorities.

From Australian Govt's Smart Traveller service (27 Nov)

This data can change frequently, so please check your local Government's website.  Also, register with your foreign affairs department so they can more easily find you in the event of an emergency.

UK Govt - Foreign & Commonwealth Office

US Dept of State

Canada - Foreign Affairs & International Trade



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    Hello,<br><br>Is my insurance affected if I am travelling to New Delhi India today?<br><br>Regards,<br>David

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    Hi David,<br><br>if you have a WorldNomads Travel Insurance policy, please contact customer service - they need to know your policy number to provide you with any specific or confidential information that is relevant. Contact Phone numbers and email form is here:<br> <br><br>Additionally, you should check the latest Travel Advice issued by your Government as this may affect your insurance cover.<br>

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