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The situation across North Africa is changing day-by-day, sometimes hour-by-hour. We always advise travellers that one of their best safety measures is to monitor news and events. Here is a list of news sources to check for continuing coverage.

Al Jazeera's English�language live news is streamed through YouTube.

The BBC�is continually updating its Africa news page online.

British leading daily newspaper�The Guardian�has good coverage.

The original cable news channel�CNN�has an Africa page.

Twitter tags include: #feb17 #Benghazi #Lulu #Bahrain #Feb14 #Libya

Jim Telford is a long-time radio monitor and his site�Radio Enthusiast�has a great list of news sources.

Latest News

This is a list of latest major news stories from the region. It's updated daily, so check the links above for the latest, but if you want a snapshot of the latest, read these articles.

Syria burns - Euronews

Libya calls for ceasefire as UN sanctioned attacks continue - Herald Sun

Small protest in Saudi Arabia - MSNBC

Morocco protests draw thousands - AFP

Bahrain a no-go zone for tourists�- Easy Voyage

A guide to protests in North Africa�- NPR

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