Travel Safety News Daily - 26th May 2011

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We've found all the news you need to Keep Travelling Safely. Today � Iceland: Volcanic ash moves to Germany, airports closed. USA: Unrelenting twisters claim 500 lives. Egypt: Gaza border crossing to be opened. Plus, exploding Brazilian power cables, and why the TSA are still allowed to feel you up at airports!

World News

Iceland: Volcanic ash moves to Germany - World Nomads

The ash cloud from Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano has moved from Scotland and northern England to northern Germany, causing airports in Hamburg, Berlin and Bremen to close for a short period on Wednesday morning.

USA: Warnings Across US As Twisters Claim 500 Lives - Sky

Warnings been delivered to the U.S mid-west as tornadoes continue to wreak havoc across several states. The tornadoes, part of a giant weather system which has caused weather chaos for weeks, have ripped through residential and farming communities in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois and Arkansas.

Egypt to open Gaza border crossing - SBS News

The Rafah border crossing - the only passage through Gaza that bypasses Israel - will be opened for limited hours in an attempt to relieve blockades on the Gaza strip, the Cairo military government has announced.

It is expected the move will cause distress to Israel. Israeli deputy prime minister Silvan Shalom stated that an opening of the border by Egypt would "allow the passage of arms and terrorists"

Philippines braced for typhoon - Bangkok Post

A fierce storm approaching the Philippines intensified into a typhoon on Wednesday, the government said, warning it would unleash heavy rains across the main island of Luzon.

Weird News

USA: Antigroping bill pulled after TSA threat -

America's Transport Security Authority hasn't been getting great press of late, but as it turns out, they have won a small victory in the pants department.

A bill proposed by Republican Texas Senator Dan Patrick to make "intrusive patdowns of the genital area" by TSA agents a criminal offense, has been quashed as a result of lack of supportive votes.

So, unfortunately, it's literally a case of 'all hands back on deck' for the TSA.

Brazil: That certain spark - Not that it is a good thing - Vimeo

Check out this video from photographer Daniel Bean, who captured first hand the destructive effects of a sub-standard power system - with power cables exploding and showering the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre with deadly sparks. Watch your head man!

Real Life LOST Leaves Passengers Stranded, Mutiny Follows - Nile Guide

In the cruise ship real life version of LOST, 1700 people were recently left stranded when a luxurious cruise ship travelling between Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Copenhagen broke down in the Baltic Sea. For three days, the passengers were left without food, electricity, running water or working toilets.

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