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Less well known than its neighbours, Cambodia is quickly becoming one of the most fashionable countries to visit. Unsurprisingly, the star attraction are the temples of Angkor Wat. Lost from history for centuries in a thick jungle canopy, these temples show off sophisticated building techniques, with water irrigation systems and were built at a time when great cities like London were little more than medieval villages.

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Essential travel insights to keep you safe in Cambodia

  • Fri, 22 May 2015 By , Travel Insights Editor Cambodia

    Angkor Wat will move you with its beauty and spirituality, despite the huge numbers of visitors that can descend on it some days. Still, all those tourists make it a great place for Cambodians to do business.

    However very occasionally you might meet someone looking for a short-cut into your wallet.

    Which is why this guide to avoiding scams at Angkor Wat is essential. It'll help you spot the scams, and take the stress out of enjoying this wonder of the world.

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  • Sat, 4 Jul 2015 By , Travel Insights Editor Cambodia

    Cambodia is, sadly, a high crime country, and without doubt it's a place where tourists are targeted as a source of income. Unfortunately, there have been a number of reports of tourists falling victim to violent crime as well as petty thefts, but that shouldn't put you off travelling to this unique part of the world.

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  • Tue, 16 Jun 2015 By , Travel Insights Editor Cambodia

    Cambodia, like so many developing countries in Asia, is a breeding ground for a number of unpleasant and sometimes fatal diseases. Malaria, Dengue Fever and HIV, all the variations of Hepatitis, Typhoid and Rabies ... and they're just the ones we can spell!

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  • Fri, 26 Jun 2015 By , Travel Insights Editor Cambodia

    Cambodia is a lively country, and the cities that house most of its population have their own trendy nightspots and recognisable pubs to enjoy. While a night out in the Sisowath tourist strip in Phnom Penh (also known as the Riverside) might seem inviting, with its waterside location and up market bars, even well trodden and busy places like these can be the haunts of some of Cambodia's cities less salubrious clientele.

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