Leslie Latchman - United Kingdom

Leaving my friends flat before sunrise, I ambled around the old town capturing whatever moved me, until I came across an epic urban ecosystem.

Spritely seagulls were swarming, squawking and dive bombing the hard-earned catch from weathered fishermen.

These feathered masters of adaptation had fine tuned their schedule to match the local humans and were efficiently and relentlessly enjoying breakfast.

At this point, you’d think the fishermen would be upset, but to my pleasant surprise they seemed to enjoy the frenzy. Jokes were shared and wooden sticks were half-heartedly swung to protect their bountiful catches.

My process was first to simply to observe the chaos and then connect with the locals to earn their trust. This allowed me to get right in the mix, dodging diving seagulls and swinging yellow sticks to create the visual story of this mini urban ecosystem.

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Fisheing boats
Fishermen and birds circling
Fisheing boats and birds circling
A fisherman