Dear you

by Lucya Passiatore (Italy)

A leap into the unknown Ireland


Dear you, it's me again. I'm writing these words on the top of a cliff in Northen Ireland. Not in those touristic places, because noone is here, but me, this letter and the fog beneath my feet. Why am I writing? I don't know. Sometimes you do things without knowing the reason... and maybe it's just ok not knowing everything. My mother once told me on a rainy day that curiosity kills people... That's what's happening to me right now. I'm gonna jump into the unknown and this time I will not come back. I'm gonna do it.'s coming...4...almost there...3...what am I doing?...2...I'll close my eyes...1... Now. Dear you, it's me again. I know you received my last letter and I also know you were worried about me. I guess you also called me on the phone. But I don't have it anymore since that day on the cliff. I let the world lose track of me. So, with a bundle on a stick I set off and I leapt. Just not from the cliff, but into a new life. I've decided to leave my prestigious job, my lovely family who criticized me only because I turned vegan, my best friends who think life is a race and the winner is the one that earns more money...then my dog who left me for death before I did for running away. So, don't worry about me. I'm not dead...Instead, I realized that I was before. And now, not anymore. Dear you, it's me again. Isn't it difficult to read those letters while knowing that you cannot answer? Or, maybe, you probably wouldn't know what to say and it's ok not saying anything sometimes. Just silence. My bundle on a stick is getting slighter. I only brought with me my notebook, a feather, a book, some food and a torch. It's very different than the one I prepared when I was little: a doll, some chocolate and my Nintendo. Which are, of course, necessary to survive. The doll would protect me, I would eat my chocolate and use the Nintendo to kill all the virtual monsters in my virtual life, expecting to kill the ones inside of the real one. At least for the first 2 hours because I forgot to bring the charger with me. Smart little girl. By the way, my currently bundle is costantly changing. Everyday everything is different than the day before: new people, new weather, new landscapes, new food... it's like when you decide to go on a road trip with your family and you fall asleep in the car, then you wake up in a place you weren't expect to find. And that's how the unknown started to become more known, less fog beneath my feet, more people start to get out from it and the sun which kisses your cheeks and reminds you that you are alive. Now. With your eyes open. Dear you, it's me again...just happier. You know what? This morning I woke up and I found out that my mother was right on that rainy day... curiosity kills people but sometimes, you only need to die before really being alive. With love Yourself