Trinidad & Tobago Discoveries: Sailing the Caribbean

Set sail for the epic seas in the tropical paradise of Trinidad & Tobago and lay anchor where the rainforest meets the sea.


Join Miles Rowland from World Nomads, as he travels with salty sea dog, Captain Enrique Huggins and a merry crew of misfits, discovering the power of Mother Nature and freedom on the high seas in the Caribbean.

Miles Rowland: You can't come to the Caribbean and not go sailing as far as I'm concerned, at least. So what we've done is got a boat, a crew, and now we'll join them, And we'll, we'll do exactly that, go sailing in the Caribbean. Can I do anything to help... captain? I cut it mountain biking the other day and it, yeah, it's quite a nasty injury, like a bow and arrow. It gets harder. So old mate and Reak, who was what you'd describe as a salty Sea Dog... and then there was Natalie who interrupted one of my other recaps to give me a beer and some random Rasta dude, Natalie gave me a quick tour where what's where, I learned a bit of terminology and how to help, how not to help, how to get in the way. I was very good at that. A lot of people yelling, things flapping, things you know, swinging across, you know, pretty intense. Alright. I've assumed the role of galley hand, galley, being the kitchen. So Dan, do you need a drink. Sitting out on the deck, having a cheeky little drink, watching the world go by. I was wondering why the visibility wasn't great, Trinidad was on fire. Do you know anything about sailing? Tell me, tell me something about Sailing.

Rasta Dude: You point the boat in the direction you want to go...and you go.

Natalie: If you don't want to get boofed, you know what close means you mix this drink really badly. That's a boof. If you don't want to get boofed,, make sure the captain has a drink.

Rasta Dude: Get as much skills as possible on board. For sure. But we're working this time.

Natalie: Wear a bikini, so you don't get burnt. Number three, don't screw up the first two rules.

Rasta Dude: Number three, is, don't die.

Miles Rowland: Oh God. The five o'clock breeze struck. The wind is cranking, it picks up and we're on.

Captain: Um, well, safety first, we always make sure, well, first of all, we find out who are the people who can't swim...must be careful or watch out for anything that moves.

Miles Rowland: Everything's out to get me. There's so many things that can, like, injure you.

Captain: Had the experience where, this guy, who is new on the boat, stood right there when the boom came over and hit him in his head, other than that... alcohol poisoning.

Miles Rowland: 4 Beers in and it's testing times for me.

Captain: This feels like it's worth it. No matter what troubles you have, you come out into the water and you move with the wind and all the trouble just goes away.

Miles Rowland: But when you're on that boat cruising through no engine, just with the power of mother nature, incredible.

Captain: I always say that, you know, even a bad day on the sea is better than a great day in the office.

Miles Rowland: Without a doubt. The highlight of the trip, everyone's leaning into the boat with the biggest smile on their face, the beer or rum in their hand and life is just incredible.

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