Hiroshima Nightlife: 11 of The Best Bars & Restaurants

Move over, Tokyo and Osaka – there’s a new contender for the nightlife capital of Japan. With a new wave of hole-in-the-wall bars, izakayas, karaoke bars and pubs to choose from, here are our picks the best nightlife experiences in Hiroshima.


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Get serious about sake in Hiroshima

Did you know that Hiroshima is the place to try world-class sake? They’re so serious about this drink that on the second Saturday and Sunday in October each year, the Saijo district hosts a huge sake festival where you can drink to your heart’s content. 

Hiroshima’s most popular bars and clubs

Even if the Japanese staple isn’t your favorite tipple, there are lots of places to cosy up with a glass of wine or whiskey and munch on some yakitori – Japanese-style meat on a stick. 

Start at Nagarekawa, Hiroshima’s ultimate party district. Wander around the streets to check out beer gardens, izakayas, bars, nightclubs, pachinko parlors and hostess clubs. 

If you’re looking for some decent craft beer, try Raku Beer, the self-styled Japanese craft beer café. They offer an all-you-can-drink menu so you try as many craft beers as you like. Be sure to try Kaigunsan, craft beer from Kure City in Hiroshima Prefecture. 

If you’re after a more rock ‘n roll type atmosphere to swill your whiskey or shochu, Koba cranks out the tunes into the wee hours. Bom-san, the bar’s musician-owner, makes you feel right at home, as though you’ve been friends for ages. Koba also hosts live music on occasion.

With a name like Wonderful Joke Bar, you’re bound to be curious. This tiny bar has an intimate feel and there’s free karaoke if you’re into belting out 80’s hair band anthems or some sweet Taylor Swift. 

Looking for something more familiar? Molly Malone’s is the closest thing you’ll get to an authentic Irish pub owned by an Irish man in this part of Japan. Popular with expats and locals, you’re bound to meet an interesting crowd here on any night. Catch up on the latest footy or rugby match or enjoy some live Irish music you can even get a weekend roast!

Other hot spots in town: The Shack, Bar Pretty, Mac Bar, Bar Alegre, Tropical Bar Revolucion.

Okonomiyaki being cooked on a grill.
Okonomiyaki on the grill. Photo credit: iStock

Top Hiroshima restaurants you have to try

You can’t leave Hiroshima without trying its claim-to-fame dish. Okonomiyaki is a one-size-fits-all crepe overflowing with noodles, meat, seafood, vegetables, and any other ingredient you want – all smothered with a savory-sweet sauce. 

One of the best places to chow down on this awesome deliciousness is Okonomimura. In this four-story building, you can choose from loads of okonomiyaki restaurants.

Follow the crowd (or your nose), pull up a chair to the hot griddle (watch those elbows) and let the chef do their thing. 

Another famous place to try okonomiyaki in Hiroshima is Micchan. This restaurant chain claims to be the inventor of the Hiroshima-style diish, serving it up since the 1950s. If you're looking for the local's recommendation, they all swear by the one in Hatchobori.

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