Italy Discoveries: Pasta Making

Cook up a storm with Tri Phan Quoc as he travels to Italy’s famous Emilia-Romagna region, and get a lesson from local, Maria, on how to make fresh pasta from scratch.


Learning to cook a variety of pasta, from garganelli to ravioli, Tri gets a taste for Italian culture and discovers that, in an Italian kitchen, passion and cooking go hand-in-hand.

Tri Phan Quoc: Bona sera everybody it's, Maitri your food Explorer. I'm now at the Casa Artusi. I'm going to have a cooking lesson with Daniella-Maria. It's a nice apron. I hope that it can help with making this pasta. So now we have about 200 grams of flour, this [is] home cooking. You don't have an exact measurement. You make a well, two eggs, here. I kind of make a mess there.

 So use the tips of my fingers and just slowly incorporate the flour into the eggs. Now I'm going to continue to need that dough until it's smooth and soft. That's it. So we have finished making the dough and I will have let it rest for about 15 minutes. You know, it's kind of like more bouncy, I think it's like baby skin. So now just roll the dough we're gonna make the first cut of the pasta is going to be a Garganelli. Just like this one, that little nice square as well, and the filling is made with fresh ricotta cheese and as well as parmesan. 

I'm a little bit nervous, you know, it's not like the first time that I've made pasta. I try at home where it's different, you know, making pasta from the motherland of pasta and then being mentored by an Italian mama. Use the side of your hand and then just cut it into little individual Ravioli. These are not the same size. It's handmade. It's quite rustic. So roll it at both sides. Tagliatelle. Let's see. So it doesn't have to be beautiful or polished because it's homemade. Gratzie.

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