Getting Around in Slovenia: Tips for the Road

Driving in Slovenia is a breeze. The roads are generally good, well marked, and traffic outside the cities is light.


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But regulations on drivers are strict and you can be stung with a hefty fine if you don't follow them.

Driving Tips

If you want to drive on the country's motorways, you must buy a the toll sticker called a vignette. These are available at any petrol station. If you're renting a car in another country and driving it into Slovenia, you have to declare it to the rental agency. They will equip you with the proper insurance.

Turn the Headlights On

Headlights must me turned on at all times. Police have the right to fine you on the spot for any offence, like speeding, disobeying signs, drunk driving, or talking on a phone without a hands-free headset.

Winter Tyres

In the winter, between November 15 and March 15, winter tyres are mandatory. Alternately, you can have radial tyres with at least a 4-millimetre tread depth or put on snow chains.

Watch Out for Police Fines

Police can fine you €125 for not having this equipment. If you cause a delay on the road because you're ill-equipped, be ready to swallow a €417 penalty.

Stand Out

You must also carry a reflective jacket, a warning triangle and a first-aid kit in the car.

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