Mardi Gras Indians – The Red Flame Hunters

We went to New Orleans in search of finding the real Mardi Gras experience, and discovered a story that goes far beyond the colourful head-dresses and the flamboyant parades.

The Red Flame Hunters are a group of African American youth from the 7th Ward led by the inspirational Edward Buckner from the Original Big 7 Cultural Heritage Division. Ed’s mission is to pass on the tradition and values to the next generation of Mardi Gras Indians, while at the same time empowering the kids to rise above the many challenges they face in their community.

The tribe spent months preparing, sewing and building their incredible costumes in anticipation for the parade.

But when Mardi Gras day came closer, the dreaded rain threatened to wash them out. The Red Flame Hunters remained resilient, and forged on to the iconic Claiborne Overpass for an exciting face-off with other Mardi Gras Indian tribes, an exchange that Ed said made all the hard work pay off.

If you want to help support the next generation of Mardi Gras Indians, go to the Red Flame Hunters GoFundMe page here:

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