Sweden Discoveries: Gastronomy Bike Tour

Travel to Sweden with Jordan Nicholson as she goes on a delicious gastronomic bike tour in the charming Klövsjö village.


Join Jordan as she visits a brewery and samples some of the delicious beer while soaking up the idyllic views of the Swedish mountains, and testing some of the other local produce the region is known for.

Jordan Nicholson: Right now, we are in Klövsjö for a gastronomy bicycle tour of the town. We're going to go around and sample different foods, different bread and chocolate and other things. This is Colin's dairy. Now we're going to have some cheese, the first one, my favorite one. So right now we're at the brewery and we're going to taste some beer. Smells really good. We're going to try some beer, uh, British ale. Yeah, this is the fun part. There's no better way to end this tour with this beer and this view.

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