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  • Mike Cooper said

    Have been listening to the show from the beginning and it's one of my favorite podcasts!! Have you considered doing a show on Tristan da Cunha - billed as the most remote, inhabited island in the world?

  • Phil Sylvester said

    Thanks for the suggestion Mike. Do you have any knowledge about the place? Or suggestions for people who do? Email us at [email protected]
    And thanks for listening.

  • Morgan said

    Hi! Loved the podcast on women in travel and thought it had a lot of great content, but my only complaint was that I wish it was a little more inclusive in language. It was glossed over briefly, but sexuality and identity present a lot of challenges in all aspects of interaction in our own societies, and while traveling. I think it's important to acknowledge that and therefore eliminate speech that says men do____ and women do ____. Gender roles are social constructs and we can do whatever the heck we want! Plus there's so many folks who don't subscribe to that binary system and we're all just human beings bopping around the planet in our little skin suits so let's acknowledge the freedom in that!!

  • Kim Napier said

    Hi Morgan, great feedback and in retrospect, I agree. I think we should explore sexuality and identity and the challenges while traveling in future episodes, so if you have any ideas on content or interviews we could do please email me [email protected]

    Thanks for listening and overall, I am glad you liked the episode.


  • Ian Clark said

    Just saw this podcast comment on Tristan. Sailed there around 1979, spent a couple of spectacualar days.
    I was on a sail boat heading back to Cape Town from ST Vincent.
    Did quite a bit of sailing in my youth.
    Retiring and going too hit the road once again.
    Nov. off to Peru for 5 month backpacking.
    66 year old single male.
    I feel may have a niche with retired folk???

  • Kim Napier said

    Hi Ian, what an adventurous life you are leading. We'd love to hear more. Can you email me at my address [email protected]?

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