This graphic is a great way to explain what volunteer travel is.  Get an quick snapshot  of WHO 'voluntravels', WHERE they go, WHY they go and HOW MUCH it costs.  Find out if you're a 'vanguard, a 'pragmatist' or a 'quester'.

Click the graphic above to see the full size PDF (yes, you can actually read the text ;-) or download the original PDF here (713kb)

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Do you think this is a good representation of volunteer travel?  Where do you sit in the spectrum?

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  • Stephen Chapman said

    Great graphic. Nice find!

  • The Dame said

    I think its a great representation, especially if youre American...

  • Volunteer Travel said

    Hi,<br>I just wanted to say that really it's a very informative post and nice graphic by you.I would like to tweet on it and keep spying at every moment you blogging.

  • Anna said

    Overall it is good, but the demographics and percentages on it are a little confusing. For example, there is a percentage listed for under 29 and a percentage listed for 25-34, so this is overlapping data. Otherwise, good document.

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