Día de la Tradición (Tradition Day), Argentina

Find out how to experience Día de la Tradición, or Tradition Day, like a local in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina.

Día de la Tradición (Tradition Day), Argentina


San Antonio de Areco, Argentina.


The weekend of November 10th.


Día de la Tradición (Tradition Day) celebrates all that Argentineans are fiercely proud of: gaucho history and culture, asado and equestrian showmanship. This festival is held in honor of Jose Hernandez, an Argentinean poet who wrote famously about the daily life of the gauchos. While the holiday is celebrated around the country, San Antonio de Areco is considered the quintessential gaucho town, making it the star of the show and the place to be to celebrate the day of Argentinean tradition.  

Kicking off the festival weekend is a stream of hundreds of men and boys from around the country, clad in their gaucho finest, parading expertly-groomed horses through the town square of San Antonio de Areco. Following the exhibition are the solo riders, each masterfully controlling a group of wild horses, while elaborate chariots filled with full-skirted girls, and a classic marching band trail round out the procession. After the parade, the rest of weekend is filled with horse races, shows, games, and folkloric dances - in a true spectacle of the pampas lifestyle and Argentinean pride.

However, not to be overshadowed by the pomp and circumstance of the parade and exhibition is the other main element of the festival – the food. The asado, or huge feast of mouth-watering barbequed beef, grilled chorizo and other traditional Argentine treats, caters to both the national customs and international palettes. In the evenings, along with the famous asado, the Parque Criollo serves up lively music, dancing and red wine – only reaching full force well past the midnight hour. At this indulgent fiesta, a healthy appetite for gaucho culture as well as Argentinean cuisine will go a long way.

Level of Participation

3 – show up for the carnival scene ready to eat, dance, and join in the gaucho culture.


Book early as accommodation in San Antonio de Areco is a bit scarce; however, the local tourism office can set you up a homestay with a local Argentinean family if you’re looking for a more authentic experience.

Other Local Attractions

The charm of San Antonio de Areco is its calm contrast to the bustle of nearby Buenos Aires. Wander the cobblestone streets, sip mate and dip into the silversmiths and leather craft workshops to see the gaucho arts in progress.

More Info: Visit Welcome Argentina for more event details. 

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