An Insider’s Guide to the Best of Bogotá’s Nightlife

Bogotá nightlife is vivid and diverse – and you’ll find entertainment every day of the week. Our local insider Moni shares her top tips on where to go when the sun sets over Bogotá.


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Home to a wide range of restaurants serving international and local cuisine, world-class music and cultural festivals, fancy or laid-back bars and pubs, and the best rumba spots in the country, Bogotá has it all. Here's where to go for nightlife in Colombia's capital.

Main nightlife districts in Bogotá

The historic center of La Candelaria, a bohemian and artistic quarter, is the preferred destination of backpackers who are looking for cheap entertainment not far from their hostels.

However, its empty streets on weekdays require you to take extra safety precautions – especially at night.

Quiebra Canto, where lots of foreigners gather, is a good option for salsa nights, or for a more eclectic party on Wednesdays.

Locals prefer to head north for more options. Not far from La Candelaria is La Macarena, also known as Zona M.

This area features bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants with a more romantic character. The district’s cozy and colorful restaurants offer great places for a drink and eating out with someone special.

Chapinaro and Chapinero Alto – which have been touted as the Williamsburg of Bogotá  have come into their own over the last few years, attracting more alternative and artistic crowds to its hip restobars and underground drinking dens. Status Rota does tasty cervezas artesanales (craft beers) for a devoted alt-hipsters.

Nearby, Zona G is a calm and upscale quarter of gourmet restaurants, located in an exclusive neighborhood.

El Cielo stands out for its unique culinary concept of molecular cuisine, providing a pricey sensorial experience.

The cool atmosphere of bars and cafes like Juan Valdez Orígenes, stylishly decorated with a cozy top-floor terrace, are excellent for a relaxed evening.

Party-lovers should head off to Zona Rosa, the hottest zone for a good local rumba. This large shopping and nightlife sector is surrounded by hotels, chain and high-end shops, all kinds of bars and eateries, and hot nightclubs.

It’s also home to one of the most famous pedestrian areas – Zona T. It's perfect for having a nice meal and drinks in one of the sheltered terraces along this T-shaped street.

About eight blocks from there, restaurants, cafes, and pubs encircle Parque de la 93.

Further north is Usaquén, one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Bogotá. it was once an adjoining indigenous town and it's preserved its colonial architecture – including narrow, hilly cobbled streets, a charming plaza, and church.

Usaquén is known for its top international dining, its many pubs, and an art film cinema/bar.

Hottest spots for a fiesta in Bogotá

If you can't make it to the original Andrés Carne de Res in Chia, don’t miss the famous and lively atmosphere of in-town version, Andres D.C. Each floor of this huge restaurant/club represents hell, earth, purgatory, or heaven. It's eclectic décor includes not only intriguing trinkets, but actors in costumes too.

Tejo La Embajada offers an artisanal version of tejo, Colombia's beloved sport that mixes drinking, throwing metal discs and explosives, with craft beer, great food, and hipsters. It turns into a full-on club after 11pm.

For local flavor, Gaira, owned by the Colombian singer Carlos Vives, is also a local favorite. The live band – hopefully including Carlos himself – and the diverse music are sure to leave you with sore-but-satisfied feet.

Rooftop bars and pubs in Bogotá

Rooftop bars have taken off in recent years. Perched on top of fancy hotels are modern and trendy bars that serve cool cocktails to delight the senses, along with good music and gorgeous views of Bogotá. Apache, at the trendy ClickClack Hotel near Parque 93, is a prime example..

An incredible number of pubs can also be found all around the city.

Bogota Beer Company is the biggest chain and El Irish Pub, in Zona T, is a favorite of locals and travelers.  

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