Travel Writing Scholarship 2016:

Meet the winners

In our 10 years of running the Travel Writing Scholarship, this year was our biggest yet. We were truly blown away by the number of applications!

Our challenge each year is to find aspiring travel writers that can transport the reader to another destination, demonstrate their ability to tell a story in an original way and showcase their unique voice.

As the job of judging the applications becomes harder every year, the one thing to remember is that this is not a writing competition where we choose the best story; it’s a scholarship opportunity that awards budding talent with a trip to learn from a professional travel writer.

With so many incredible entries, we look closely for passionate writers and select those who, we believe, will use this opportunity to catapult their travel writing careers.

Thank you for taking us on your personal journeys and for sharing your inspiring and entertaining travel stories with us.

Without further delay, the winners of our 2016 Travel Writing Scholarship are…

The Winners

Congratulations to our 3 winners! We're kick-starting your travel writing career with a mentorship from Lonely Planet author, Anthony Ham. You’ll then be off on a real-life assignment, exploring Australia on a 10-day road trip and writing about your adventures along the way.

Allison Bradley (USA) - Beware of Bears (Japan)

Mentor's comments:

Allison's story has a nice rhythm with good changes of pace and a nice self-deprecating tone. It's also an original approach to the subject matter, by not making the encounter itself the centrepiece, but rather the starting point for a meditation on life itself.

Mackenzie Griffith (USA) - Careening into the Isle of Skye (UK)

Mentor's comments:

Strong language and really playful tone make this story a pleasure to read - 'the walking personification of a twinkle in the eye' is a lovely image by a writer who has thought carefully about the language.

Nainaa Rajpaal (India) - In Full Bloom (UK)

Mentor's comments:

The beginning and end of this piece is filled with strong images, and arresting language. It's a lovely piece that takes a sideways look at a well-known place and from an outsider/insider perspective, all the while telling a story in few words.

The Shortlist

Congratulations to the following members of our shortlist. Each of you will receive a copy of Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing.

Helen Glenny - The Dust Town (Cambodia)

Laura Weatherly - A Spy Like Me (Lebanon)

Niamh Kelly - Mountain Moonshine (Ethiopia)

Ariana Ince - Fireflies Do Not Make Good Headlights (Belize)

Caitlin Perna - The Underground World of Paris (France)

Jason Nugent - Snow, Dogs, and the Pursuit of Light (Norway)

Dylan Angell - Rail Riding (USA)

Patricia Duff - Black Gold (France)

Kate Lodge - See You Lodge (Nepal)

Alyna Poremba - Venetian Escape (Italy)

Becky Maschke - A Chance Encounter With The Volcano Of Fire (Guatemala)

Eva Glasrud - We Hunt to Share (Australia)

Trudie Haywood - An Atheist in Bethlehem (Israel)

Isabelle Abraham - Serge's School of Existentialism (USA)

Queenie Chua - War and Peace (Taiwan)

Joshua Black - The Road Less Travelled (Vietnam)

Katie Diederichs - Chicken Fight (Laos)

Danielle Nohra - Walking Regrets (New Zealand)

Mariah Proctor - A Kenyan Morning (Kenya)

April Abigail Beltran - Aurora's Dance (Iceland)

Dannee McGuire - A Midsummer Night's Dream (Iceland)

Marilyn Rodrigues-Wright - "A Spice of Life in India" (India)

Anna Baum - The Stag (UK)

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  • Emily said

    Congratulations to the three winners + the amazing shortlisted finalists! Hope you enjoy the amazing Australian adventures that await + you continue to explore this big bad world, one page at a time!

  • Ngoc Nguyen said

    Big congratulations to the winners and shortlisted finalists! I sincerely hope you will seize this amazing opportunity to blossom your talent as well as enjoy Australia. Wish you all the best :)

  • Elmira Ocampo said

    Way to go to the 3 winners! I am a first-timer here, but I will never cease to dream. I wanna be a travel writer, and I know one day, my break will come., For the meantime, I am happy for the 3 winners. Cheers!!!

  • Alan Indrik said

    Amazing diversity! Well spun. About time women were recognized - 23 out of 26 spots this year; 8 out of 10 winners women in previous six years too! Congratulations to all the girls being mentored - you deserve the unequal opportunity!

  • Shubha Jaggi said

    You know what guys? I entered, didn't win, and yet I feel vicariously haopy for each of you :). May you have a whale of a time, may you stay safe n blessed, and may you realize what an amazing opportunity this is!

  • Shubha Jaggi said

    You know what guys? I entered, didn't win, and yet I feel vicariously haopy for each of you :). May you have a whale of a time, may you stay safe n blessed, and may you realize what an amazing opportunity this is!

  • Nafisa Ali said

    A big big kudos to all the winners. Although I never made it to this, I guess there will be always be a next time! Wishing you a great success for the journey ahead!

  • Ash Matthews said

    You know what, Shubha Jaggi? You should use the word, 'gals', instead of 'guys'. It's more exclusive and representative of World Nomads culture.

  • Isabelle Anne Abraham said

    Wow, I'm just glad I made the shortlist after 2/3 years of applying :) Congrats to other shortlisted writer and of course the winners! Will definitely try again next year...

  • Na'im said

    Congratz, guys! Lucky I'm not in the running this year hahaha. Have fun with your Down Under Adventure.

  • Lawrence said

    Well done guys! Great stories indeed!

  • Jonata Santos Rosa said

    Congratulations for all of us, in special for the winners, we're all champions, Thank's for all.
    More luck in the next time.

  • Meri said

    Great stories! Great travels! Congratulations!

  • Lailanie Fronda said

    Congratulations to all the winners! You guys rock! I've enjoyed reading the winning entries! Good luck to your adventures in Australia! :)

  • Ritchie Basilio said

    Congrats to the 3 winners and shortlisted for making your piece the voice of the unknown places which I never been. Keep on writing!

  • James Bekenawei said

    Congratulations to the winners and thosee shortlisted. May this be a launch into greater things.

  • serena onofri said

    congratulatios to the winners and enjoy the time eand the adventure!!!

  • Kim Watermeyer said

    Fantastic! Congratulations and celebrations. May the 3 winners' Ozzie journeys be out of this world! Well done everyone.

  • Cathy Duesterhoeft said

    Congratulations to all of the winners. Safe travels and happy writing!

  • Atreyee Madhukalya said

    So jealous of you guys but hey, you guys deserved it! Congratulations! And have a happy trip to the world down under! :) Safe travel.

  • farzana said

    Interesting reads... all of them. Congrats to the winners, hope to participate next time round.

  • Sara Maestroni said

    Great stories! Congratulations to the winners...enjoy your adventure!!

  • Ahmed ElBagoury said

    Congratulations. Enjoy ..........

  • Ahmed ElBagoury said

    Congratulations. Enjoy ..........

  • Ahmed ElBagoury said

    Congratulations. Enjoy ..........

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    Well done, great work. Keep it up. Congratulations

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