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Project Outcomes

Solar lamps (Sun King Pro’s) were delivered to the following families in 2014:

  • Cullihuata (09 lamps) delivered to the following households: Santos Quispe Tacac, Leocadio Sinchi Quispe, Domingo Sinchi Laucata, Pablo Sinchi Quispe

  • Yanamayo (23 lamps) delivered to the following households: Renato Yupanqui Puma, Crisóstomo Yupanqui Puma, Timoteo Yupanqui Quispe, Julián Yupanqui, Hermelgildo Yupanqui Vargas, Washinton Yupanqui  Vargas, Eustaquio Sinche Rios, Bernardino Ccallisaya Usca, Mario Ccallisaya Usca, Víctor Sinche Cruz, Gregorio Sinche Mamani, Siriaco Sinche Huaman, Mario Sinche Cruz, Sixta Pareja Huanaco

  • Pariacaca (06 lamps): delivered to the following households: Asociacion de Arieros de llamas de Tanta (llama handlers association of Tanta) - president Tito Ramos

Additionally Isabel Quispe Huaman and Luis Usca Quispe will be delivering 12 more lamps next month to more families that live more than a day’s walk from Yanamayo.

Project Impact

The households to receive the solar lamps are very appreciative because now they can carry out more household activities during the night such as cooking and school homework.

What’s next? 

Additional lamps are needed over the next few months in Qesqa, Ancascocha and Tastayoq. 

Can I visit this project? 

World Expeditions operates treks that visit many of the villages that benefited from this project. Find out more at

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