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Project Background

The Original Big 7 Cultural and Heritage Division is an incorporated, non-profit organization, which is also an established community-based arts neighbourhood program centre, located in the 7th ward; one of New Orleans most challenging neighbourhoods. 

Where there is such a rich cultural history within this great city of New Orleans, current residents struggle to survive with limited monetary and civic resources. Because of the limited resources the community residents find it difficult to earn a living and raise children in a safe, peaceful, productive and flourishing environment.

All of the Cultural and Heritage Division programming is focused on allowing the youth, not only from the 7th ward, but the entire city of New Orleans and surrounding areas, to express themselves and connect to their neighbourhood and what they see as hopeful and promising in their personal futures and the community’s future. We continue the efforts of renewing the members of the community, by coming together to encourage social change.

Project Aim

The project aim is to educate as many of our youth as possible in the art and history of New Orleans Indians. The community is very grateful because our program keeps kids off the street, out of trouble and safe.

Key Project Outcomes

Project funds went to facilitate the activities of the Red Flame Hunters Children’s Mardi Gras Indian Tribe in 2015-2016. With the funding we were able to expand to include more youth up from 8 to 19 kids.

Youth ages 3-17 were able to explore and expand their personal strengths and talents through participating in various workshops including:

  • Beading and sewing sessions (for their Mardi Gras Indian costumes)
  • Fun, educational field trips
  • Hands on experience in interacting with other legendary Indian Tribes in parades around the city on Mardis Gras day and St. Joseph's Night


Challenges were not having enough funding to include all kids that wished to participate.


Our successes are that with the funding we were able to educate all youth that did participate. Another one of our successes is we graduated 4 of our Indians from High School -  these kids are some of our elder members they have been with us for 5 years.

What's Next?

The project is expected to continue however we are in a year to year struggle for funding.

Can I Visit This Project?

Yes we have an open door policy to all visitors, supporters and any one that wishes to learn about the art and culture of the New Orleans Indians.

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