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Project Background:

We have been working hard on the ground in Nepal since April to get food, clean water, temporary shelter and other essential supplies out to those areas that were worst affected by the devastating earthquakes. When the second earthquake hit, it occurred in the Everest or Solukhumbu region where we have been working for over ten years to provide essential health and education services. Out of 281 schools in the area, 213 have been badly damaged and at least 50 will require rebuilding after being completely destroyed. Schools in the Lower Solukhumbu are in poor and remote villages far from the tourist trails and as one of the only NGOs on the ground right now providing emergency relief here, these communities are turning to the AHF for hope and for ongoing support.

Program Objectives:

  • To repair and rebuild schools in the Lower Solukhumbu or Everest region after the two devastating earthquakes that hit Nepal on the 25th April and the 12th May this year.
  • To plan for a sustainable future for these remote mountain communities by making the schools earthquake-resistant through innovative designs using the skills of Nepali and Australian engineers.
  • To ensure that children are able to keep attending school in spite of the disaster that has devastated whole villages in this area.
  • To create safe learning spaces in cooperation with our local NGO in Nepal with whom AHF has been working for the last 10 years.

Community Involvement:

AHF is working with local partners to plan the rebuilding of the schools in the Lower Solukhumbu region and employing local builders, engineers and designers. This would provide much-needed employment for local people as well as ensure that the local community takes ownership of the building and maintenance process. The project would be coordinated in partnership with the local District Education Office.

About the Australian Himalayan Foundation

Over the years, thousands of travellers have visited the Himalaya. For many it is an opportunity to trek beneath the world's highest peaks and to appreciate some of the world's most hospitable cultures. Yet the Himalaya is not just a vast adventure playground. For the local communities it is anything but easy – with access to basic health and education services often out of reach. 

Following in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary who was devoted to bringing education to the Sherpa people, the AHF is working in partnership with local communities to help the people of the Himalaya through improvements in health, education and conservation.

Giving to the AHF is an opportunity to give something back.

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