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Project Background

In Tanzania, nearly half of the population lives below the poverty line. Stunting – a sign of chronic malnutrition – affects more than one third of children under five years of age. Despite growing 70% of the food needed to feed their country, women farmers find it incredibly difficult to provide nutritious food for their families. They work 15-hour days in the field and lack the income and resources to provide nutritious meals.

The project will support women farmers to improve their farming knowledge and skills, learn how to improve their family’s nutrition and increase their income by engaging them more fully in the growing, processing and selling of soy products.

Project Aim

To support women farmers to enter the profitable soy market by training them in production and linking them into the local markets to sell their supply and earn an income.  Soy is a highly suitable crop for the region due to its nutritious benefits, resilience and soil enhancing qualities. Household nutrition will also be improved through awareness sessions and cooking demonstrations.

In summary, the objective of this project is to provide women farmers with the opportunity to increase crop production, improve their income and financial literacy skills and improve their overall nutrition.

Key Project Outcomes

Farmers, especially women farmers, will learn new skills to improve their existing farming skills and knowledge to increase crop yields. Local nutrition champions will be trained to deliver monthly cooking demonstrations and teach families how to create home gardens and raise chickens, increasing community awareness around the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet.

  • Increased productivity among women farmers, resulting in increased food and nutrition security.
  • Increased income for women farmers.
  • Building the skills and ability of local government and private sector to sustainably train and support farmers.

Primary Funding Activities

  • Provision of Services; development, planning and meetings conducted with key health, sexual & reproductive services in the community.  Identification and linkage to key legal services.
  • Social Inclusion; providing education and teaching strategies on the importance of all migrant groups being able to participate and create opportunities within their community.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation; planning & reviewing of meetings, strategy development.
  • Protection; discussions and linkage with police, child safety organisations, and government bodies.


CARE ensures the project is sustainable by engaging entire communities and works with implementing partners including local  level government , national government and other local NGOs, including:

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
  • Tanzania Meteorological Agency
  • National Microfinance Bank
  • Iringa District and Regional Authorities (local community development organisations).

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