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Project background

Access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) is a fundamental human right, essential for reducing poverty, and critical for preventing the spread of diseases, such as COVID-19.

In Cambodia, vulnerable groups, such as people living with disabilities and women, face many challenges accessing WASH services. The Cambodian Socio-Economic Survey 2020 indicated that 3.1 million households (20.3% of the population) don’t have access to clean water and 2.9 million households (1 in 5) don’t have access to an improved toilet. The most marginalized, including women, girls, and people living with disabilities, are least likely to have access, with a recent UNICEF survey of six provinces highlighting that only 11% of the most marginalized community members had use of a toilet.

People with disabilities may be at greater risk of contracting diseases such as COVID-19 due to an exacerbation of pre-existing barriers. These include water and sanitation facilities such as sinks or water points that aren’t adapted for people’s specific needs, inaccessible public health information, and barriers to receiving healthcare. More targeted and increased support to prevent the spread of the virus is needed for people living with disabilities.

Project overview

This project will be part of a larger program of ANCP-funded programs. As a complementary project, we will continue to deliver holistic interventions looking at multiple aspects related to inclusive WASH issues and climate-change impacts. We will work with WASH services providers from national and sub-national governments, local capacity building organisations, and local sanitation business owners to build capacity and strengthen WASH systems that deliver environmentally sustainable and equitable WASH services for all. 

The project will also support rights holders, persons with disabilities, and women to understand and advocate for their rights to access climate-resilient WASH services. 

In addition, we will strengthen the capacity of Organization of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) and women groups by supporting them to improve WASH practices. To complement this work, we will strengthen journalist networks to produce, disseminate, and report on climate-resilient and inclusive WASH stories, and strengthen youth capacity to increase their engagement

Project outcomes

Outcome 1: Empower persons with disabilities and women’s groups to lead and promote equitable WASH and COVID-19 related hygiene behaviour awareness in two districts of Kampong Chhnang province. This outcome will be measured by capacity building, awareness-raising sessions, and trainings delivered to marginalized groups and healthcare workers. The measurement would also include the construction of two inclusive and climate-resilient WASH facilities.

Outcome 2: Improve equitable, climate-resilient WASH services and hand-hygiene behaviour and practices in health care facilities in two districts of Kampong Chhnang. There will be two Hand Hygiene Behaviour Change (HBHC) training sessions provided for 35 healthcare workers. In addition, hand hygiene facilities will be installed at six Health Centers (HCs).

What costs are covered?

The funding from Footprints will contribute towards the broader ANCP co-founded project. The funding will contribute to costs for the following activities:

  • Provide capacity-building programs to Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPD)
  • Work with OPD to provide capacity-building and trainings on empowerment programs to marginalized groups
  • Provide trainings on user-friendly WASH infection prevention and control in healthcare facilities to healthcare workers
  • Construct two inclusive and climate-resilient WASH facilities in healthcare
  • Install Hand Hygiene facilities at six Health Centres
  • Provide Hand Hygiene Behaviour Change (HHBC) training sessions to healthcare workers
  • Provide leadership and climate-resilient WASH training to Health Center Management Committees

Partners and community involvement

Organization of Persons with Disabilities (OPD): Facilitate to provide empowerment programs to people with disabilities. OPD will also support general coordination among people with disabilities in their community.

Local governments: Support the development and roll-out of district action plans to promote inclusive and climate-resilient WASH.

Provincial Department of Rural Development: Provide technical support on the implementation of inclusive WASH.

Youth groups and women groups: Support inclusive WASH behavior change communication campaigns.

Private sector – local WASH facilities operators: Provide inclusive WASH services to marginalized groups including people with disabilities.

How does this project fit into a larger strategy?

This project will contribute to a larger ANCP program – implementing from 2021-2024 – aiming to increase access to equitable and climate-resilient WASH services and to improve awareness of COVID-19 prevention among persons with disabilities and women in two districts of Kampong Chhnang province.

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