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In rural India, where student retention can be problematic, providing a school environment that the students and teachers can be proud of is the first step in encouraging attendance.

The central aim of this project was therefore to provide such an environment through the upgrade of the school in Jambha, a desert village in Rajasthan.  Over 3 days the project included:

  • the painting of the school rooms internally and externally
  • the supply of 6 desks
  • development of a stone wall at the front of the school
  • general maintenance of roof and windows

The project aims were met by the 11 participants (on the World Expeditions Community Project Trip to Rajasthan) who physically worked together from 19-21 October 2008 , in challenging conditions to complete the work tasks that were identified.

Positive Footprints: India - video documentary

Amanda Byrne of and Trent O'Donnell filmed a documentary of the experience that you can see here.

Positive Footprints - India from WorldNomads on Vimeo.

Community Involvement & Feedback

This was the first community project of its kind in the region.  At first, the community were possibly a little suspicious but this dissipated when they witnessed the sincerity of the participants and their work efforts.  some of the trip participants found the peoples from the Jambha community a little reserved to begin with, however this sentiment diminished after the first day.

The important thing is that the community valued the project as an important mechanism to encourage students to attend school and to appreciate that education is an integral aspect of youth development and enhancing future prospects.

Future plans

This project was undertaken as part of the World Expeditions Community Project Travel program where the philosophy is to start and complete a project within the given timeframe, ensuring that no work is left undone.  It renders a permanent and immediate benefit for the community.

Travellers on World Expeditions North India Adventure pass through the Jambha village and can see the results of the school Repair program.

(Update posted 09 March 2009)

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