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Project Background

This 2008 Key Teacher phase of the Teacher Training and Quality Education (TTQE) project builds on the foundation of several years' successful grassroots education projects that Footprints has funded. We are very excited to see the expansion of this program into lower parts of valley (hence, increasing the reach) and also the development into a broader Quality Education program.
You can read past project and participant reports here.

The project costs will cover:

  • The training of 45 Key primary school teachers by the AHF program coordinator and volunteers (all teachers) to be teacher trainers themselves.
  • The program includes sessions on leadership and teambuilding and provides on-going local capacity to train, mentor and supervise other local teachers, through courses and visits to schools.
  • Additionally, the project will supply much needed specific materials and resources to the schools.

Educational improvements

The Teacher Training and Quality Education project program aims to increase the opportunities for kids in this impoverished and remote Himalayan region by greatly improving:

  • Teaching and learning levels
  • The rates of retention and transition into secondary school
  • An understanding of how students learn through child pyschology
  • Teaching practices that promote higher-order critical and creative thinking to actively engage learners
  • The availability of trained teachers in all subjects - thus easing a severe shortage

The provision of specific requested and needed resources and assistance to particular schools will also increase the teaching and learning skills, and improve the education of the kids of the region.

Part of a larger project

The 2008 Key Teacher Training program is the first phase of the new, expanded TTEQ program, a major cost-effective educational initiative being expanded and rolled out across this Himalayan Region by the Australian Himalayan Foundation.

In the second, central phase, the Key Teachers, with the AHF volunteers, will train more than 400 teachers from about 120 schools, directly improving teaching and learning levels: improving retention rates and the education of more than 8,000 kids in the region’s schools.

Educational issues in the Himalaya Region

In the impoverished and remote communities of the Solukhumbu, there are very limited future opportunities for kids. With highly unsatisfactory learning outcomes and retention rates, teacher education is the most effective way to increase student participation, achievement, and retention in schools, especially when coupled with provision of specific, vital assistance and resources.. It also facilitates significant increases in community support (vital for attendance and retention rates), social cohesion and local involvement in the schools.

Better education in turn increases their job and economic prospects and community leadership and income-gaining skills, and greatly assists community well-being.

Community Involvement

The TTQE program is run in conjunction with the local communities and experienced volunteers, ensuring sustainable benefits and increased community support.

The AHF project team is led by a teacher training coordinator who is highly experienced in this profession and region, a group of Australian volunteer teacher trainers and the strong local support of local Nepali teacher trainers. All teachers trained are from the local communities.

Other ways to get involved with this project :

Australian (and others) who are qualified teachers can participate as volunteer trainers of Key Teachers, and of other local teachers.

Can I visit this project ?

You can visit some of the 120 or so schools involved, on specific occasions as a member of an AHF support trek (coordinated by World Expeditions), subject to availability and timing.

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