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This project ran from Dec 21-23 2010 during which a surgical team led by Dr Reeta Gurung performed surgical operations and examined patients in the Dhading district.

Project outcomes

Salyantar village is one of the most remote places of Dhading district. The outreach department of Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology organised and coordinated an Outreach Micro-surgical Eye Clinic through the Dhading Community Eye Centre.

This project brings affordable eye health resources to patients in this region.

- Screening camps were conducted in two different areas; patients were screened for cataract and other eye disease

- Refractive error, presbyopia correction and simple eye alignments were arranged for patients not requiring surgery

- Cataract patients were identified and re-examined before surgery so that their visual acuity would increase after surgery

- School building was prepared for surgery

- After surgery patients were kept for 2 days for observation and treatment

- Patients were asked to follow up with a visit post surgery at an eye clinic or eye hospital nearest to them.

A total of 1038 people received eye health screening tests. The Fred Hollows Foundation provided sight restoring surgery to a total of 278 patients.

Though these were some harsh circumstances given the challenging and remote location, the surgical team delivered and performed the surgeries effectively.

Future of this project

The Fred Hollows Foundation will continue to work with the local team at Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology to identify remote areas in Nepal where patients will need eye care and organise eye camps to conduct surgeries to treat patients with cataract.

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