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Project outcomes to meet educational, livelihood, health and nutrition objectives for orphans

  • Orphans (16 boys, 8 girls) from Gweru and Zvishavane were assisted with the payment of school fees and stationery
  • Stocks of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) drugs for the Mobile Clinic were bought from pharmaceutical companies.
  • The GWAPA gardens produced crops of rape, tomatoes, beans and carrots which were directly sold from the farm. King onions and cabbages were planted.
  • 3407 day-old chicks were bought and 2,958 were sold. Remaining chicks are currently being reared at the farm for sale in the future.
  • 300 laying chickens were bought and are currently producing eggs for sale.

Future of the project

  • Local community partner, GWAPA, plans to conduct a needs assessment across all four sites to update the current register of orphans requiring support within the GWAPA project areas. GWAPA has identified the need to re-assess and map the needs of orphans and their carers who require support for school fees. School fees in tandem with inflation rates are rapidly increasing, which requires an adjustment of the fee allocation per child.
  • GWAPA intends to increase and strengthen its existing links with other organisations in the health and education sectors to make best use of skills and resources available to further the aim of affecting behaviour change in the target communities.
  • With the help of COGENHA, GWAPA plans to integrate livelihoods and nutritional support for its members and orphans as a way of mitigating the impact of HIV and AIDS.

(Update posted 18 October 2007)

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