Local Laws in Antigua and Barbuda: Travel Safety Tips

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Antigua and Barbuda have a few laws that travelers need to know before enjoying this Caribbean island paradise. Here's how you can stay safe.

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The LGBT community face legal issues in Antigua and Barbuda. Homosexuality is illegal, and same-sex marriage is likewise prohibited. Even the impression of a same sex marriage can be considered a legal violation and visitors are warned of this.

Foreign citizens have been arrested by the Antiguan police for this kind of thing in the past, although exactly what constitutes something that looks like a same sex marriage isn't all that well defined.

So to be on the safe side, if you're doing something that you even vaguely think might be construed as a same sex marriage, don't do it Antigua. Yes, this may include moon worshipping rituals for women to get in touch with their inner goddess in a tropical island setting, or anything else where same sex people are engaging in any form of bonding ritual. 

Don't Wear Camouflage Clothing

Oddly enough, camouflage clothing is also illegal and it's an offence for anyone to wear it, including children.

Other Issues to Be Aware Of

There are also some problems with the Antiguan justice system, which moves slowly at best. Embassies, usually American ones, are generally informed far later than they should be if one of their citizens has been arrested and some American visitors have reported that they were physically assaulted by the Antiguan police while in custody.

Offensive language and resisting arrest are offences in Antigua, and can attract disproportionally heavy fines.

Antigua has fairly severe drug laws, with convictions for use, possession or trafficking generally ending in lengthy jail sentences, heavy fines and usually both.

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