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Travel warnings and alerts for Greece. Get the latest on: natural disasters, civil unrest and more.

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Athens Protests - January 2019

Thousands have taken to the streets, flocking to Syntagma Square in Athens to rally against the Greek government's decision to change the name of Macedonia to the North Republic of Macedonia.
The situation has turned violent with protestors clashing with local riot police and throwing projectiles such as rocks, flares and fire bombs. It's estimated there were between 60,000 to 100,000 protestors involved, with tear gas dispersed by authorities in an attempt to break up the crowds. Further protests have not been ruled out.

Travelers on the ground in Athens are strongly advised to avoid any protest actions.

Please check with authorities for more information, follow any official warnings, travel advisories and listen to local news reports to monitor the situation. Failure to comply with directives from government authorities will result in you not being covered by travel insurance.

What to Do During a Protest

Being caught up in a protest can be a frightening experience for any traveler. But there are things you can do to stay safe. Check out our article on civil unrest which has advice on what to do pre-trip, during travel and post civil unrest.

Flag bearing protestors outside the Greek Parliament in Athens on January 20. Photo credit: GettyImages-Milos Bicanski/Stringer

Older Alerts

July 2018 - Greece Wildfires

More than 50 people are feared dead and more than 150 injured as several wildfires rage out of control in Greece. Fire crews are battling blazes in the following locations: northeast of Athens in the Penteli region, Rafina region and the coastal seaside towns of Mati and Kineta. Greece is currently experiencing heatwave conditions with temperatures exceeding 104°F (40°C), and the fires are being fanned by high winds.

The Athens-Corinth motorway has been closed by authorities. The motorway is one of two major routes to the Peloponnese peninsula. Train and other transport services in affected areas been canceled.

A state of emergency has been declared, and the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, has cut short a trip to Bosnia to return home. Spain and Cyprus have offered firefighting assistance.

Travelers in Greece should heed government warnings and keep up to date with local news and alerts. Those with respiratory health issues should travel away from affected areas and avoid breathing in the smoke where possible.

Also, check with your insurer as cover for this event may be excluded from a certain date.

Image: Getty/Angelos Tzortzinis. 23 July. People watch a wildfire in the town of Rafina

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