Kosovo safety - armed mines & (trigger) happy locals

As a place that saw plenty of armed conflict, Kosovo was once littered with landmines and unexploded bombs. Most of them were cleared, especially along major routes and population centres, thanks to one of the largest de-mining projects ever undertaken. Areas that haven't been cleaned are at least marked as so. But it doesn't mean they're all gone.

(Signage is not always obvious)

Armed mines could still be buried along the Kosovo-Albania border, so any off-road travel and hiking in wooded areas carry a risk. Have a really long chat with local authorities before getting off the path.

Likewise, unexploded cluster bombs are still a problem in rural areas, although less than in past years. Again, exercise caution and if you come across remnants of bombs, get away and alert authorities.

A Hard Rain

In Kosovo, happy times are observed by firing assault rifles into the air. It's all fun and games until the law of gravity rains stray bullets onto innocent bystanders.

Celebratory gunfire is common in major public holidays, especially New Year's and Kosovo Independence Day, on February 17. Also, major elections, soccer games and weddings can get celebrants trigger-happy. If you happen to be around on of those, take shelter.

Likewise, avoid being close to fireworks. Injuries happen every year when fireworks are used irresponsibly.

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