South Sudan Travel Alerts and Warnings

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Several government travel advisories have placed South Sudan under a "Do Not Travel" warning.

South Sudan flag on a soldier's uniform Photo © Getty Images/Bumblee_Dee

Warning: this destination is considered very high risk and many governments advise their citizens not to travel to large parts of the country.

Check your government's advice for travel to South Sudan. Several foreign governments have clearly advised on their websites do not travel to South Sudan.

Travel to this destination against government advice has implications for your travel insurance and you should read and understand your policy documents thoroughly if you are considering travel to this destination. If you are a World Nomads policy holder and unsure as to how it will affect you, please contact our 24/7 Worldwide Emergency Assistance. as for some travellers, even the warning of "reconsider your need to travel" is enough for it to impact your travel insurance.

If you go anyway and get into trouble, it may be impossible for your insurer to provide emergency assistance, and consular officials from your own country may be severely limited in the assistance they can give. We care about your personal safety and wellbeing, please heed all government issued travel warnings.

Since the proclamation of independence on July 9th 2011, several foreign nations have issued travel warnings and alerts for the Republic of South Sudan. Ultimately, the country has struggled for political stability and establishing law and order. In the capital Juba, a nighttime curfew has been implemented.

The border areas between Sudan and South Sudan are particularly volatile with fighting between military forces and general civil unrest. Additionally, the borders with neighbouring countries are also extremely volatile with armed militia present. Many hundreds of people have been killed and thousands displaced.

Landmines are also a significant hazard with tens of thousands littered across the country.

Older Alerts

  • April 2016 - A new unity government was formed however rebels with no alleagance to the president or other representatives still continue to inflict violence. A UN base was fired upon and subjected to rocket propelled grenades with base infrastructure damaged. Some rebels however have chosen to accept the offer of peace negotiations from the new government.

  • April 2016 - South Sudanese gunmen kill 208 people in a raid on several villages in Western Ethiopia, kidnapping 108 children and thousands of livestock. As a result, Ethiopia forces have crossed the border into South Sudan to pursue the attackers and rescue the abducted children.

  • February 2016 - A UN base for displaced civilians is attacked and 18 people are killed. Violence caused is largely due to warring tribes.
  • July 2015 - 4 people including 2 foreigners are murdered on a highway outside the capital, Juba by local gunmen.
  • April 2015 - 353 civilians were killed in two separate attacks by rebel opposition to the government or government supporters in the towns of Bentiu and Bor.
  • January 2015 - 11 people including several journalists were brutally murdered in an attack near the town of Raga while travelling in a motor convoy. 
  • January 2015 - 3000 child soldiers are gradually released from a rebel group after a peace agreement was signed between the group and the South Sudanese government. It is estimated that in 2014, 12000 children were abducted and forced into becoming soldiers by rebel groups according to UNICEF.

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