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Latest Alerts

Cyclone Owen - December 2018

Category 3 Cyclone Owen is currently making its way southeast in the Gulf of Carpentaria towards Queensland from the Northern Territory. The Bureau of Meteorology reports that Owen will intensify to a category 4 when it makes landfall in Queensland, packing wind gusts of 140-175mph (225-279km/h).

Cairns and other towns in Far North Queensland and as far south as Mackay and the Whitsundays Region will be impacted by strong winds and heavy rain with the risk of flash flooding. Authorities have placed a flood watch as far south as Rainbow Beach and are strongly advising people to move to safety such as an evacuation center or out of the impact area.

Please check with authorities for more information, follow any official warnings and listen to local news reports to monitor the situation. Failure to comply with directives from government authorities will result in you not being covered by travel insurance.

Older Alerts

Strong Winds Impacting Sydney and Melbourne - November 2018

Dozens of flights, on all carriers flying in and out of Sydney and Melbourne, have been delayed or canceled due to strong winds currently impacting the east coast of Australia. Sydney Airport is currently functioning on one runway and several flights have had to abort landings for safety reasons. This will have follow-on effects across the country.

Australia's Bureau of Meteorology has forecasted these strong winds to last well into Friday evening (23 November)

Please check with your airline (domestic and international flights) or more information and check with your travel insurance company as cut off dates for coverage for this event can vary.

Bushfires near Newcastle Airport - November 2018

NSW Rural Fire Service and Newcastle Airport report that there are traffic delays and road closures near the airport due to a bushfire burning nearby in Campvale and Salt Ash including near the runway. While the airport remains open, passengers are strongly advised to make sure they take extra time to get to the airport in case of delays. There are also issues with cell phone reception in the area.

Incoming flights from Sydney or Melbourne may be impacted by the strong winds currently affecting those two cities causing delays and cancellations. Check with your airline before departure for more information.

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