Bolivia Travel Alerts and Warnings

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel: The situation around the world is changing dramatically. Various governments have changed their travel warnings to restrict travel during this time. To understand how this may impact cover under your policy, please go to our FAQs and select your country of residence.

For the latest travel warnings and alerts around the world, read about lockdowns and border restrictions.

What are the issues affecting travelers in Bolivia? Read the latest travel warnings and alerts.


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions in Bolivia – updated 29 March, 2021

Commercial flights have resumed. However, flights from Europe are suspended until 31 May 2021.

Land, river and lake border crossings remain closed.

Travelers, including returning residents and foreign nationals, will be exempt from quarantine if they present a negative COVID-19 PCR test prior to their flight.

Anyone who arrives without a negative test result will be subject to quarantine.

Contact your airline for information on the availability of flights.

Beginning February 8, 2021, all US citizens visiting Bolivia will be required to obtain a tourist visa. This can be obtained for purchase at any land or air border, or at a Bolivian consulate in the United States or neighboring country. Entry is granted for 30 days.

COVID-19 restrictions in Bolivia

Although commercial international flights have resumed, there are strict movement restrictions in place around Bolivia.

  • Each municipality may have different rules in place, based on the level of COVID-19 risk – check before you travel for the latest information
  • A curfew applies Monday to Friday between 10pm and 5am in La Paz. On weekends in La Paz department (including the city of La Paz), the curfew is 8pm to 5am.
  • Face masks are required in public.

Wondering how your travel insurance might be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak? Find answers to some of our common questions about COVID-19.

Previous travel alerts for Bolivia

Civil unrest in Bolivia over political tensions – November 2019

Bolivia is experiencing civil unrest following a failed referendum, which has led to anti-government protests throughout the country. Political and social tension poses a serious risk to your personal safety if you are traveling in Bolivia.

Be aware of large crowds congregating in urban areas, as these may turn violent unexpectedly. Stay away from protests or demonstrations.

Keep a close eye on local news reports, and be prepared for your travel plans to be disrupted – including transport delays or flight cancellations.

What happened in Bolivia?

Following a presidential election in October 2019, concern grew over electoral fraud when Evo Morales was announced the winner, and an investigation showed "serious irregularities" in the results of the vote. Violent protests erupted, and Morales was told to step down to end the deadly civil unrest, which has so far led to three deaths and hundreds of injuries. 

A new election will be held, but there is no date yet.

Landslide in La Paz – May 2019

Hundreds of residents have been displaced as a landslide destroyed hundreds of houses in the San Jorge Kantutani hillside community in the capital, La Paz. The landslide had resulted from heavy rains and ground instability due to a former landfill site. No deaths have been reported, however, five people are still missing. The location has been cordoned off and rescue efforts will begin once the location has been officially declared safe.

Travelers should keep updated with local news reports, government travel advisories and follow all official warnings. Carry identification with you at all times. 

Before you buy a travel insurance policy, check your government travel warnings and health advice – there may be no travel insurance cover for locations with a government travel ban or health advice against travel.

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  • Sergey said

    Hi! I don't see "Foreign travelers must have their test endorsed by the respective Bolivian Consulate before arriving" on other websites. I talked to the embassy of Bolivia in Quito today and they told me you only need the test and the form, no endorsement from the consulate is necessary.
    I'm traveling to Bolivia in a week and will have the first hand experience. Cheers!


  • Sergey said

    I was able to easily enter with just a screenshot of the PCR test. I believe(?) from April 7th, 2021 there's a 10 day quarantine after entry, but it's only on paper and not enforced. I know multiple people who entered in April and had no quarantine.


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