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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel: The situation around the world is changing dramatically. Various governments have changed their travel warnings to restrict travel during this time. To understand how this may impact cover under your policy, please go to our FAQs and select your country of residence.

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People walking along a road in Namibia Photo © Brian Rapsey

Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions in Namibia – updated 28 December 2020

From 1 September, international travelers are permitted to enter Namibia through Hosea Kutako International airport.

As of 23 December, the following requirements are in place according to the US Embassy in Namibia:

  • All non-Namibian travelers arriving in Namibia are required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result from their country of departure which is not older than 7 days. Children under 5 years old are exempt from this requirement.
  • Non-Namibian travelers arriving with a negative result that is older than 7 days will be placed in quarantine and tested for COVID-19 on the same day at their own cost and will only be released if the results of this test return negative.
  • Fill out a questionnaire prior to departure

These are subject to change, so please consult official government websites (such as the Namibia tourism board or Namibia embassy page for your country of residence) for the latest updates. Contact your airline for information on the availability of flights.

Everyone must comply with measures in place, including mandatory face masks in public, maintaining social distancing, avoiding crowded public places and adhering to limits on public gatherings. Stay across developments as the situation changes.

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Before you buy a travel insurance policy, check your government travel warnings and health advice – there may be no travel insurance cover for locations with a government travel ban or health advice against travel.

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  • Stephen johnson said

    it is not true that insurance is required, Unethical misrepresentation.


  • Ellen said

    Hi Stephen, thanks for your comment. I believe that information was correct when we last updated this page in October, but seems to have changed since. We have revised the page as of 28 Dec.


  • Petrus Witbooi said

    Hi Guys can I use same Coivid test results when entering Namibia frm cape Town and going back to cape Town frm Namibia as long as it's within the 7days period or plz advice


  • CARL BURTON said

    1, Hello, is it still required to have a second covid test 5 days after arrival in Namibia?

    2, Is it required to enter South Africa when on route to Windhoek or can I go straight to the transit lounge? I will be entering and leaving on separate airlines. If I have to check in to ZA to get on the flight will I still need insurance?


  • hiram ruiz said

    will I need a covid test before departing Namibia to return to USA (flying back on Lufthansa). thx.


  • Anja Steenkamp said

    When leaving Namibia, the test results are valid for 72 hours, but 72 hours from when? Is it 72 hours since you took the test or since the results came out?


    • Monika said

      Good Evening.
      I am Namibian, traveling to SA on the 1st April 2021 and returning 05 April 2021.
      Do I need to get tested in SA when I am returning?


  • Attie Reyneke said

    Hi does the 7 days apply? Traveling to Henties bay next week and just want to make sure when to do the test.

    Thank you


  • Laetitia Jacobsz said

    Latest covid requirements for traveling by car to Namibia and Botswana?


  • Megan said

    From what age do you need to be tested? I read somewhere that it was 5 years, is this still correct?


  • deon strydom said

    We are planning a 4x4 trip entering Botswana then Namibia, after 14 days on returning to South Africa through Namibia border post, do we need to do Covid test again before re entry


    • Alda steyn said

      Kan mens jou Covid toets tussen Suid Afrika en Namibië by die grens laat doen? hoeveel kos dit per persoon en kry jy die uitslag binne 'n uur


    • debbie calmeyer said

      In June we will be in Kgalagadi Game Reserve then going into Namibia. where can we have a covid test??
      and then coming out of Etosha Game Reserve back into RSA where do we get a covid test? we don't want to waste time with going to the wrong places.
      much appreciated . debbie


      • Elsie Mostert said

        What is the latest covid rules on the Namibian, Vioolsdrift/Nooroewer borders


    • Eben Swanepoel said

      I must return from Namibie to South Africa throug Noordoewer border posr. What is the covid testing procedures. Can i go throug on the Namibian side and only get tested on the SA side?


  • Jacob Sluis said

    Do they accept a PCR test in the French language at the airport?


  • Iana Franco said

    Hi, do you know if there is any travel restrictions for passengers coming from Brazil to enter Namibia? The passenger is vaccinated already.


  • Adrian Johnson said

    Hello, some friends and myself are flying from Cape Town to Lüderitz. We will all get COVID tests before we depart. We plan only to stay one night, then fly back the next day. Any other restrictions that we need to plan for? Any info in the regard will be greatly appreciated.


  • Seelan Munien said

    We are planning a 4x4 trip Namibia, after 7 days we returning to South Africa through Namibia border post, do we need to do Covid test again to enter into SA?


    • Martin Combrinck said

      I am travelling to Namibia and returning after 4 days to South Africa. Can I use the same test obtained in South Africa or do I need to be tested again in Namibia before returning.


      • David Mahlatji said

        I will be going to Namibia on 2 June and come back on 5 June 2021, meaning I will be in Namibia for 4 days. Will I be allowed to use my covid test that is not mire than 7 days at namibian international airport to return home in SA?


    • Denys Gilfillan said

      I see a lot of questions but no answers. Where do answers come from? People on this forum with specific knowledge or is there an authoritative source.

      Specifically, I would like to know what the Covid requirements are for a South African returning to SA by road from Namibia. I understand a time valid PCR test is required to enter Namibia, but what when returning to SA a month later?


  • ben said

    What are the Covid19 requirements from south afrca and back from namibia


  • Hannes said

    No meat allowed over border into Namibia.
    I was stopped today with Nam Police searching my vehicle for raw meat. New laws prohibit taking raw frozen meat across the border into Namibia.


  • Alie said

    Can you enter Namibia from South Africa with a proof of recovery from covid?


  • Andri said

    Will the borders be open from 10th-25th July?
    Borders between SA and Namibia


  • Kairoon Dawood said

    Am I allowed to spend 14 days in Namibia before flying onto Abu Dhabi


  • Giel van Wyk said

    What is the latest covid rules on the Namibian, Vioolsdrift/Nooroewer borders.


  • Jeff Sandwith said

    Hi Where can i find out if the Senderlings drift border is open or not ? I will travelling from the Fish river Canyon Hobas area to the Richtersveld in November and need to know if I will be able to cross at Senderlings Drift.

    Thank You


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