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The latest travel alerts and warnings for Chile

By , Travel Insights Editor Chile featured, main-featured

Travel Alert Chile: 8.3 magnitude earthquake hits central Chile, tsunami warnings issued. Read now!

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Author: Jesse Perez

Germany's Oktoberfest - World Nomads Style!

By , Travel Insights Editor Germany main-featured

So you're going to Munich for Oktoberfest? Here are our tips and tricks for surviving the world's biggest fair.
First of all: Munich, Germany, in October, right? Wrong.
It kicks off on September 19th. Now you need to know which beer hall is the best for you, when's the best time to go, and how not to be a bierleiche - a what? Read on...

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Author: Phil Sylvester

Trekking in Nepal post earthquake: is it safe?

By , Travel Insights Editor Nepal main-featured

Trekking in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. is it safe? Which treks are open, and more importantly will World Nomads cover me if there's another quake? Get the details here.

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Author: Phil Sylvester

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Travel Insights Editor Phil Sylvester