Meet Edward Allistone and Burnham Arlidge

Meet Edward Allistone and Burnham Arlidge

Travel Filmmakers

Edward Allistone and Burnham Arlidge have been friends since the age of five, and they continue to be bound by their love of travel and the outdoors.

Edward grew up in Colombia, Portugal, and England and spent his early adulthood living in China, Taiwan, and Russia. He specializes in time-lapse, hyper-lapse, and drone videography. Edward has a keen eye for composition, and his photos have appeared on the BBC and in the Telegraph.

Burnham Arlidge grew up between Australia and England. He is a travel photographer and filmmaker with an MA in wildlife filmmaking. Continuity and seamless transitions are his trademarks. His work has won numerous awards at film festivals and has been featured by National Geographic and Red Bull.

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