Meet Martin Hong

Meet Martin Hong

Digital Media Guru

What are you most passionate about?

Swapping stories and having a laugh with people from all across the world. Whether it's over a beer or a tweet, everyone I’ve met along my travels have been fascinating. This applies to team here at World Nomads too. I’m pretty sure between us we’ve circled the earth a minimum of 28 times and boy, have I heard some crazy stories!

What are you least passionate about?

Laundry. I have an ongoing (read: losing) battle with my laundry basket.

Where have you just been?

On a really eclectic journey around China with some friends. We started in Hong Kong and Shanghai for the bars and culture, swung out to beautiful Guilin and Hangzhou (‘crouching tiger’ territory) and ended up in Nanjing, which had some seriously questionable hotpot and a gut-wrenching peace museum.

Where are you going next?

Either Japan for cherry blossom season (and ALL the okonimiyaki) or Palawan to lie around in some ridiculously beautiful swimming holes. But since I’ve been running the Instagram channel and seeing all our travellers' beautiful snaps, I’ve been constantly tempted with new destinations!

Where must you go before you die?

The Great Blue Hole in Belize. Apparently it’s amazing to dive there. The change from salt to fresh water makes it a hotbed for marine life like enormous tuna and giant octopus. As you dive deeper, it opens up into a network of these ancient caverns, full of stalagmites that you can go into… That’s it. I’m booking it now.

Video camera, stills camera or pen?

Drone. As soon as I learn how to fly the damn thing.

Favourite travel quote

"讀萬卷書不如行萬里路" - my late grandfather’s favourite Chinese proverb. "It’s better to walk ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books. "

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