Meet Miles Rowland

Meet Miles Rowland


Miles has a long history in cinematography starting with an early interest in 35mm photography as a child. He first started his film making career shooting TV commercials. As an advertising DoP, he shot campaigns for iSelect, Qantas, Tourism New Zealand, The University of Adelaide, and Beyond Bank Australia, to name a few.

Yet his passion for film making and travel collided in the documentary space, where he found his true calling: telling stories, gathering images, and seeing the world all at once.

Miles is currently making a feature documentary called 25zero, looking at the 25 mountains around the equator that still have glaciers. Due to climate change, they’re dying and will be gone in the next 25 years. He’s also been a contributor to multiple factual shows for networks like Discovery Channel, CBC Canada, MBC Saudi, and ABC Australia, as well as content for travel brand World Nomads. 

Miles is a passionate environmentalist, a committed vegetarian, and spends lots of his time in the outdoors.

As a drama cinematographer, he’s worked extensively in Australia contributing to such films as Hotel Mumbai, The Turning, One Eyed Girl, and Boys In The Trees.

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