Meet Alicia Crosariol

Meet Alicia Crosariol

Head of Marketing

If you can’t be off traveling, working in travel has to be the next best thing. At World Nomads, we’re in the business of inspiring people’s curiosity about the world, while also taking care of them if things go wrong on the road. I’m really happy to be a small part of that mission. 

I have been at World Nomads since 2009 and have been a part of the growth journey from start-up to globally recognized brand.  

I think I first realized the importance of travel insurance the first (and only) time I tried riding a motorbike while in Cambodia. It wasn't as easy as it looked, and I ended up with a nasty road rash that a local witch doctor treated with gentian violet (also used for tattooing in decades past). I ended up having to travel to Bangkok to have it scrubbed out of my open wounds with a wire brush. 

I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the U.S., where I spent my first 22 years. After graduating from university, I spent nine months traveling and working in Southeast Asia, finishing up in Australia with just a backpack and a working holiday visa. I've been living in Sydney ever since.