Meet Christina Tunnah

Meet Christina Tunnah

General Manager for the Americas

What’s your role in less than a tweet?

Looking after World Nomads on 2 continents - the Americas!

What are you most passionate about?

Professionally, solving business problems and building marketing programs with travel partners that not only make a difference to their bottom line but puts their customers and brand in our good hands. Personally, growing my own food, road trips, hiking/camping, yard sales and chicharron.

What are you least passionate about?

Mission statements and Start-up buzzwords like ‘pivot’ and ‘game-changing’. Parallel parking.

Where have you just been?

Morocco trekking Mt Toubkal, the highest peak on North Africa, followed by a high-calorie stint in Southern Spain.

Where are you going next?

London and then a new tradition of Christmas camping at Joshua Tree National Park. Where must you go before you die? Iran. My better half is from there and I have a few naughty expressions and other useful lines I’d like to practice ‘in situ”. Not least, I’d like to understand the culture, poetry and food that makes him tick.

Video, still camera or pen?

Still camera. Photos leave gaps on the subject that stir the imagination more.

Favorite travel quote

“Can’t get there from here”

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