Meet John Magas

Meet John Magas

Head of Design

I am from Larisa, a town in central Greece. I grew up and studied in Greece, and for 10 years I lived between Greece and Philadelphia. In 2016, I moved to Australia to explore another part of the world and now am permanently based in Sydney.

I joined the World Nomads team in 2017 and am the Head of Design. My team and I are responsible for the brand identity, and I guide the direction of how it is expressed across all our channels, so that our customers continue to be inspired by what we do. I love working in a multicultural environment and for an organisation that really cares about travelers.

Photography is my passion. By traveling, I have the opportunity to meet people and explore new places. Everything that is unfamiliar excites me and I am inspired to capture the essence of a place through my lens.

One of my most memorable experiences was on a trip to Albania, invited by the Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, for a project. The experience of learning more from the stories of people who live next to my country was outstanding. I felt blessed to be a part of it.