Meet Rodrigo Vidal

Meet Rodrigo Vidal

Marketing Manager, Brazil

I’m Brazilian, from São Paulo, but also have Canadian citizenship and am waiting for Italian citizenship. I've lived and studied in São Paulo, then moved to Montreal, Canada to live, study French, English, Business and Internet Programming, then returned to São Paulo a few years ago. I speak Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish (and probably I'll have to learn Italian too!).

I have been working at World Nomads since April 2014, and I am the Senior Marketing & Operations Manager for Brazil...a kind of a “local guide” and trouble-shooter for all subjects related to this huge and confusing market. Every day is different. I work with different departments, suppliers, and people. I think we can make a real difference working for a company such as World Nomads which deeply cares about what we do and what we offer to our customers.

I travel to meet with new people, find new places, explore different aspects of different cultures, to put things in a different perspective. Traveling is also a battery recharge, a good way to reset your mind, to forget about your daily routine.

A memorable travel experience was in 2012 on a 20-day train trip across Canada. We stopped in Jasper in the Canadian Rockies for a week to have time to explore the lakes, trails, glaciers, and witness the beauty of the local wildlife. We've met some huge bears (a few cubs too), a coyote pack, a few big horn sheep, and a lot of moose and elk.