Meet Terra Baykal

Meet Terra Baykal


I’m from Long Beach in southern California, but have been living in the Bay Area since 2012. I started my career in the travel industry, working in account management for an online tours & activities ticketing agency. I transitioned into the advertising industry for a few years and eventually found my place here at World Nomads in 2018.

My job is to tell the world about how amazing World Nomads is through digital advertising channels. I help to plan, execute, and manage digital advertising campaigns aimed to inform travelers about the awesome content we offer to help them plan their trips, our travel insurance plans that keep them safe while traveling, and the scholarships and other opportunities to help them learn skills they can master while traveling.

I travel to satisfy my curiosity and a sense of adventure. To the core, I am a beach bum and always on the search for my new favorite beach and surf spot. I also love getting lost in history and anthropology lessons and find it interesting to travel to new cities and countries to discover how modern culture has been impacted by historical events.

I once spent a day biking around Angkor Wat and while it was hot, humid, and exhausting, it was such an amazing way to see the ruins. I had so much flexibility to go off the beaten path and discover some of the smaller temples that were free from the crowds.